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"iCazual Entertainment started just as an ‘idea-in-progress’ in a small room in 2012. After a lot of hard work and dedication iCazual was able to relocate to a small flat and then into a four-story building with a mighty team of 70 people! We have spent 3 years researching and developing our team to effectively create the best content for the gaming community. What at first seemed impossible to us has been made possible with our years of development."
— A brief history of iCazual Entertainment

iCazual Entertainment is a video game developer based in the United Kingdom, founded in 2012 by their current CEO, Jefferson Prince. They are currently working on their first project, Starnet Eclipse.


iCazual Entertainment started as an idea by Jefferson Prince in 2011.[1] After the formation of the development team and dedication, they were able to relocate into a four-story building with a total of seventy employees. They self-proclaimed that their games will be futuristic, imaginative and interactive. They are currently working on their first project, a science-fiction first-person shooter known as Starnet Eclipse, which began in 2012.

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